Online Safety

Our staff feel passionately about supporting children with online safety. It is something we refer to almost every day. Partly because the on-line world is constantly changing and partly because we have children and teenagers of our own.
Our Whitegrove children spend just less than 14% of their year in school, so this is a particular area where home and school have to work in partnership . The vast majority of our children have access to the internet outside school via all manner of devices. We heavily rely on, and expect  parents to engage with internet safety, so children can take safe risks and practice skills learnt in school at home.

The internet is a great place to create, connect and share. We firmly believe that a better internet starts with us. It’s a new and exciting place that we all have to engage with for the sake of our children.

These are the SMART rules we use as a starting point for all discussions on e-safety.

We have summarised further information for parents in the document below:

Online safety for parents.pdf

We hope you find some of the links and information in the document useful. Please let us know of any great ideas and suggestions we can share with other parents.

** New resources for parents and carers **

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